Floppy Bird Space

In Floppy Bird Space - the new Arcade Game - your goal is to collect as many virtual eggs as possible without crashing.
The controls are simple for an Arcade Game: tap the left side of the screen to move to the left, tap right to move to the right. My suggestion: try to "feel" the controls!
Sounds too simple? Watch out: Floppy Bird Space  becomes more challenging the more eggs you collect!

Don't forget to post your score on the LEADERBOADS and compete against players worldwide!

Floppy Bird Space  - Features:
 * Addictive, competitive, Arcade, Just Tap gameplay
 * Endless runner (generated levels)
 * Leaderboards
 * Unique artstyle
 * Not a Flappy Bird Clone
 * 100% Free to download / 100% free to play
 * Retro Graphics
 * Cute Pixelart
 * Tap Controls
 * Crazy Arcade Action
 * Has many suggestions / recommendations

Enjoy Floppy Bird Space (free)! The Top suggestion when looking for a fun Arcade Game!

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